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Yesterday and Today

More scenes. The first scene expanded a lot; the second two were pretty okay, and needed some tightening.

Tomorrow's scene is one of the later ones, and needs a lot of work. I have to reframe Jensina and Wort, setting Wort up to meet Manuel and family, and setting Jensina up to make the troll cat.

That will be the end of the first chapter. Chapter Two gets us right into the trolls. Of course, in this version, I give my three young trolls flaws. I'll be asking Team Revision if I hit them over the head, or if it's too subtle, or if the flaws are just right.

Well, today's word count.

3 / 56 words. 5% done!

Tonight, unfortunately, we drive down for a funeral visitation. Bryon's aunt. Bryon's fine, but he's concerned for his parents. That's the second person they've lost in a short time, and it is hard on them, especially his dad.

I wish you all productive writing and gentle summer evenings. Especially if you're Jim Hines, and you have to clean up the trees in your yard.


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