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Intuition and Instruction

They say the writer's brain was eaten by aliens...

...but really, her perceptions were modified by an increased intensity in practicing her art. She thinks.

The writer in question used to rely primarily on intuition to guide her through her story planning. She felt that this organic approach was channeling a story. Now, the writer in question plots and plans. Her intuition is useful when she writes a first draft and has light bulb moments, and when she revises with the right turn of phrase.

Does this make the writer less artistic? The writer has become capable of approaching writing from two different directions, which certainly makes the writer more versatile. Also, during those times she has difficulty with her intuition, the other tools can help her carry on, and even trick her intuition into working.

This makes the writer who may or may not have alien-nibbled brain reflect on other writing beliefs she has modified in the last year.

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