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Toasted, but Full of Rommegrot

Bryon and I have returned from the Decorah Nordic Fest.

I'd like to do a shout out to fellow Viable Pardiser Matt Hughes and his wife Steph for being kind enough to show us around a little bit, and talk writing. Matt gave Bryon and I a great tour of Luther College on Friday, and today he and Steph wandered about with us while we looked at handicrafts and long ships.

Thanks again, and Matt, try not to kill over a 100 characters before the workshop!


Yesterday was all about taking pictures at Luther. Now I have a really good feel for Quartz' office, and where Sigfried and Sigurda would essentially live while they're scouting out Decorah for Queen Janetta. Luther is a beautiful campus. As Iowa State grads, Bryon and I both were appreciative of their green belt. Their performing arts centers were truly impressive. Matt helped us get behind a lot of locked doors.

In the evening, Bryon and I went to the festival. I'll cut here, but if you want to get all Norse, just click the link.

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