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I've successfully revised almost the first two chapters of the troll story, which is a task I'll complete tomorrow morning. These 50 some-odd pages are the ones I'll be shooting off to the interested agent, and I'll be looking for some readers to let me know if I've combined the write amounts of action and introspection. If you might be interested in looking, let me know.

For those of you holding out for the whole draft, hold out a little longer. I'm going to go through this version pretty quickly, so it won't be too much longer before I've given it my best shot.


And...nothing is more boring than just hearing a work status report, so I thought I would talk about a couple of new words that Bryon and I have worked into our vocabulary.

Wiilusion: n. The idea that, because you are good at something on the Wii, you would be good in real life. This is not necessarily the case. Example: Because Catherine lost the hula hoop contest, even though she is a calorie incinerator on Super Hula Hoops (TM), she realized that she was having a wiilusion.

Wiiluded: v The state of having a wiilusion. Example: You think you can sky dive? You're wiiluded!!!!


My recent willusion, however, is that I would like to try frisbee golf. I am very good at it on Wii Sports Resort. I think it would be a great sport. Walking and throwng frisbees. I could dig that.

Maybe I'm not wiiluded, because I don't expect to be good at it. But I might like to try it. Do any of you have experience with frisbee golf? Do you like it?

Expanding my physicality, one virtual scenario at a time.


No, really, the next write up will be about Carolyn Stevermer's excellent book A College of Magics. I'm a little late in coming to it, but it deserves some conversation.


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