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Getting in Shape: End of Week 23

Well, I am skipping Weight Watchers this week in lieu of seeing some friends. So, those stats will remain for another week. However, bad news on the Wii front.

Beginning Wii Weight: 223.8 (My heaviest ever after this summer.)
Wii Weight on 3-25-14: 206.1 (a gain of 1.7)
Total: 17.7 pounds LOST

Weight Watchers on Initial Weigh In: 224
Weight Watchers on 3-25-14: 208 (a loss of 1.2)
Total: 16 pounds

What's happening here: I went to Portland and came back weighing the same, BUT I kept eating badly and not paying attention to what I was eating. I would start over again next week, was the message in the back of my mind. I continue to be loosey-goosey with points, and again, no exercise in the world can countermand that.

What's new: Exercise. The Wii Fit Meter and I have decided to burn 563 calories a day, based on my current efforts, and my intended weight loss. That's like double exercise, which is what I said I was going to try. Also, this week is registration week at work, which, frankly, gives me no time for creativity. I'm tired all the time, working with a sleep deficit from the conference, and not too happy at the moment. David would be unproud, so I will try to change that, but that always has an affect on weight loss and eating habits.

What's going to change: I have already figured that if I work out the Wii required calories, and I divvy up my Weight Watchers extra points, I have 44 program points a day. That's huge, and yet, I can eat over that if I don't pay attention (which might account for my weight problem.) So, here are the new food rules.

1. No extras. If you haven't counted it, you don't eat it. Even sniglets of cookies, one pretzel, etc
2. No eating after 7. You've been falling back into the snack habit. Drinking, yes. Eating? No.
3. Because you eat out so much, you need to think about ways to cut back on food when you eat out. Each eating out meal costs you an average of 22 points, which is not good. I would suggest making a healthy snack and eating it before you go out to eat, and then cutting back on what you eat. Let's give this a try.
4. Keep working out as you are. I know it's time consuming, and it's no fun sometimes, but healthy writers live a longer time to write when they are done working.

So, I'll check in next week. This, ladies and gentlemen, is called accountability. I knew that we'd get to this point eventually, and I would need to be in a public forum to keep going. Otherwise, it's easy to skulk away.

Let's keep it in perspective. I've lost some weight. I need to do more if I want to lose more. Health-wise, it's helped the knee, the breathing, the stamina, and the reflux. I will only feel healthier if I lose more. Not a vanity move here. :)

Keep stepping!

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Apr. 4th, 2014 04:55 pm (UTC)
This sounds like an awesome plan!

Stuff that's worked for me, in case it gives you ideas/support - I put drinking two bottles of water a day as separate items on my list, to remind me to keep drinking when I'm not actively thirsty. Also, if I'm at a restaurant, I'll have them bring the doggie box with the meal and immediately divide my food in half and put half away. It's so much easier to eat moderately if it's not still on the plate.
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